Product Disclaimer

Information provided on this website is for general purposes and use only. Specifications on products, including dimensions, weight, colour and other details are approximations that are as close to the exact value as possible, though some slight variations may still occur in cases. 

While we have tried to provide images of our products as close to how they will appear when they are received, please not there will still be variations in colour of the images we provide to the original product. This may be due to the differences in screen and lighting projections and settings, lighting and weather conditions during installation location that have an effect on image turnout, slight differences in finishes of products over time, individual persons perceptions, and other factors. We acknowledge this is a genuine issue and suggest that customers are careful and aware of the variations in colour and textured finishes, such as the slight differences of shades of 'White' and 'Cream'. Please also note products may also appear more or less 'Shiny' than the actual physical product. 

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the product(s) they purchase are suitable to their specific requirements, by contacting us via email or telephone if they have uncertainties or inquiries prior to the purchase. Any advice given by our staff is based on the information provided by the customer at the time, therefore, Star Pack will take responsibility for the correct advice per information given, not the actual situation.